About Dale

Dale Jenkins was born in Hamilton, Alabama and grew up in Birmingham.

Years ago my secretary wrote my bio for me.  Every time it would be used I would cringe. It made me sound good – and I’m not.  Like a list of where I’ve been, what I’ve done, board I serve on and things I’ve written give me worth. No, I’m not playing that game anymore. My worth comes from Jesus who invested in me a price beyond amazement.  And if I contribute anything it is because His power is made strong in my weakness. “For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

I’m proud of the others in my life: My wife who is the best person I know. My sons who love the Lord. My daughter-in-laws who I feel like God made just for my boys. My brother and nephews who preach.  The rest of my family who carry my dad’s good name nobly. My preaching brothers who encourage me. My congregation who loves me and tolerates me.   I am blessed and hopefully I can repay those blessing by blessing others.

I’m blessed to be a part of the Spring Meadows Church of Christ,  The Jenkins Institute, Heritage Christian University and Maywood Christian Camp. You can ask me anything you want to at dale@edge.net.



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